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Our Delicious Menu

Morning Delight

1. Either glass of Fresh Juice, Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate 2. Egg or Tu

₦ 6.499.00

Bakehouse Special

1. Glass of seasonal Fruit Juice or Water & Coffee Tea. 2. Egg Omelets or

₦ 5.500.00

Breakfast To-Go

Choice of Coffee or Tea, Choice of Fresh Juice or Water, American Panca

₦ 7.500.00

Red Velvet

Red velvet cake is much more than vanilla cake tinted red. This recipe prod

₦ 2,000.00


Tiramisu is a timeless no-bake Italian dessert combining espresso-dipped la

₦ 350.00

Chocolate Cake

A one bowl chocolate cake recipe that is quick, easy, and delicious! Update

₦ 750.00

Fruit Tart

Few things are more delicious than a classic fresh fruit tart. Creamy custa

₦ 1,500.00

Cherry Pavlova

This extravagant pavlova is loaded with soft folds of whipped cream, cherry

₦ 1,000.00

Carrot Cake

Two layers of soft and tender Carrot Cake filled with fresh carrots, warm s

₦ 2,000.00

Banana Cake

This easy banana cake recipe takes only six (6) ingredients. It’s loaded

₦ 1,350.00