Wells Bakehouse

Quick Menu

Fruit Juice or Water, Coffee or Tea Egg Omelette or Scrambled egg or Sunny side-up, Baked Beans, Chicken sausage or Bacon, freshly baked Croissant, Muffin, Toast Bread, Portion Butter or Portion Jam or Honey
Pancake or Waffle/Maple Syrup/bacon or sausage/Eggs
Eggs/bacon or sausage/mushrooms/baked beans/toasted bread or French toast/Juice or Water/Tea or coffee
basmati rice, veggies
basmati rice, shredded chicken, scramble egg, veggies
long grain rice, coconut, dry fish
basmati rice, shrimps, crumble egg & veggies
long grain rice, tomatoes, chili
Chinese noodle, diced chicken, oyster sauce, soy sauce, onion, garlic, ginger
pasta, veggies
spaghetti, beef, tomato and bolognese sauce
penny pasta, garlic, chilli, parsley, tomato sauce
creamy penny pasta, mushroom, shredded chicken, alfredo sauce.
beef, tomato, onion, chilli sauce
goat meat, tomato, onion, chilli sauce
chicken wings, tomato, onion, chilli sauce
chicken lap, curry sauce
chicken, tomato, garlic, chilli sauce
turkey wings, tomato, onion, chilli sauce
chicken and beef
full catfish, chips, veggie and sauce
full croaker fish, chips, veggie
full tilapia fish, chips, veggie
Black Tea 2,500
Chamomile 3,500
Ginger Tea 3,500
Green Tea 2,000
Lemon Tea 1,500
Mint Tea 2,000
Strawberry Tea 3,500
Americano 2,000
Cappuccino 5,000
Coffee Latte 5,000
Double Espresso 2,500
Frappuccino 6,000
Hot Chocolate 5,000
Ice Coffee 3,500
Macchiato 2,500
Mocha 4,000
Single Espresso 1,500
Baileys 29,000
Glenfiddich 18yrs 95,000
Glenmorangie Lasanta 35,000
Hennessy VSOP 135,000
Jameson Black Barrel 65,000
Jameson Original 45,000
Blossom Hill Red and Whit 12,000
Carlo Rossi Red and White 12,500
Chateauneuf-du-pape 32,000
Escudo Rojo 25,000
Four Cousins Red and Whit 14,500
Frontera Red and White 14,500
Blue Lagoon 4,000
Bob Marley 3,500
Long Island 7,500
Mojito 3,500
Old Fashioned 3,500
Pina Colada 4,000
Screwdriver 3,500
Sex on the Beach 4,000
Strawberry Daiquiri 4,000
Tequila Sunrise 5,000
Whiskey Sour 4,500
Banana Shake Up 5,000
Frappuccino_ 6,000
Oreo Shake 5,500
Strawberry Shake 5,000
Vanilla Love It 5,000
Amstel Malt 1,000
Chivita Juice 4,500
Coca-Cola Products 700
Cranberry 6,500
Malta Guinness 1,000
Power Horse 1,500
Red Bull 1,500
Sparkling Water 1,500
Table Water 400
Chapman 4,500
Lemonade 2,500
Pineapple Ginger 4,000
Virgin Mojito 2,500
Virgin Sunrise 2,500
Banana Slide 5,000
Green Lane 3,500
Tropical Blast 3,500
Orange 3,000
Pineapple 4,500
Watermelon 3,500